Sunday, 30 June 2013


Hi people

I'll like to say thank you to everyone who e-mailed me during my MIA period, a lot has happened and i don't want to bore anyone with long stories. I took time out to start my career in banking because i couldn't do both at the time. The good news is that we are back with pieces that would make you stand out of the crowd. In addition i'll also be offering free consulting services to customers who want to buy pieces but don't know how to where them, as i understand that it can be a bit difficult to make vintage pieces look modern. Please feel free to contact me and i'll tell you the best way to wear the piece you purchased. As usual send a mail to to place your order. Happy shopping people!!!

                                                    Monochrome vintage blouse- N9,000 (Medium)

                                                 Pastel chiffon vintage dress- N10,000 (Medium- Large)

                                                   Monochrome vintage blazer- N10,000 (Medium) (sold)

                                         Short red sequin vintage dress- N8,000 (Medium)

                                                    White beaded vintage purse- N10,000

                                 Orange vintage blazer- N6,000 (Medium) (work perfect)

Leather blue vintage trousers- N6,000 (small)

                                                   Multicolored vintage blazer- N6,000 (large)

                                    Burnt orange tweed trousers- N5,000 (small/petite)

                                                         Black vintage purse- N4,000

                                      Navy blue high waist trousers- N5,000 (small)

                             Yellow pencil skirt with a side vent- N4,500 (small-medium) (sold)

                                             Black vintage lace and chiffon dress- N6,000 (small)
                                 Blue backless velvet and chiffon dress- N9,000 (medium ) (sold)

                             Black dress with lace sleeves- N6,000 (medium) (sold)

                                      Gold and black sequin top - N12,000 (medium-large) (sold)

                                Polka dot peplum vintage dress- N11,000 (small) (sold)

                                                 Lace vintage black top- N4,000 (medium) (sold)

                                                   Ivory vintage hat- N10,000 (sold)

                                   Cream and black vintage blouse- N8,000 (medium-large)

Black vintage dress- N6,000 (work perfect especially for cold offices) (large)

                                        Blue vintage dress- N6,000 (medium) (sold)

                                    Ivory vintage sequin blazer- N6,000 (large)

                                                   Red silk vintage blouse- N8,000 (Large)

                           Black vintage top with polka dot sheer sleeves- N6,000 (medium-large)

                                      Lace top/jacket with pearl buttons- N7,000 (medium-large)

                                           Red and white playsuit - N12,000 (medium) (sold)
                                                   Black turban - N5,000 (one size fits all)
                                                    White turban- N5,000 (one size fits all)

                                                        Denim vintage playsuit- N12,000 (large)

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