Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Young, Wild and Fashionable.....

Hi guys,

Sorry i haven't put up anything in a while, i've been so busy the good news is that i'm back and ready to ride to the vintage world, please pardon me for trying to sound cool. I have a story to tell, this shoot was so dramatic, i got tired of photographers and their issues and i decided to take matters into my own hands, so i borrowed my friend's camera and i decided to take the pictures *phew. It was such a tasking thing to do since i was the stylist, make up artist, hair dresser, and photographer, what a talented young lady #looool. In d middle of taking the pictures the battery of the camera died and i didn't have the charger, guess what i did? i took d remaining pictures with my phone (blackberry), its high time i got my money back 4 investing heavily in blackberry phones. Long and short of the story i managed to pull it together and finish the shoot. Here is the exciting part, the first three people to distinguish between the pictures taken with the camera and the pictures taken with the phone would win something from jays vintage, here is a clue 5 pictures were taken with my phone, the rest were taken with a camera. Please send a mail to to place your orders.

I'll also like to use this medium to say thank you to my gorgeous sister who is my model and has helped me immensely from the start of Jays vintage, God bless you. As i was about to post, i just got the news that my brother's wife just gave birth to a set of twins, thank you Jesus. Can today get any better? Ok people, let's go shopping wohoooooooo!!!!!!!

Grey button down top- N3,500 (Small-medium)

Lime green button down top- 3,500 (small)

Just showing off my gorgeous sister 

Black and White top/ blazer- 4,000 (small-medium)
Pink blouse- 3,500 (small-medium)
Stripe trousers- 4,500 (small)

Black dress- 5,000 (small)
Multicolored vintage top- 4,000 (small)
Pencil skirt- 4,500 (small)

Polka dot top- 4,000 (small-medium)
Print skirt- 3,500 (small)

Print wrap skirt- 3,500 (small)

Leopard print top- 3,000 (small-medium)

                                         Print wrap skirt- 4,000 (small)

Print shorts-2,500 (small-large)
Print shorts- 2,500 (small- large)

White vintage dress- 3,000 (small-large)
White vintage blouse- 2,500 (small- medium)

Pink button down top/ blazer- 3,000 (small- medium)

                                            Vintage dress- 3,000 (small-medium)

With love from the vintage world,