Friday, 24 February 2012

Vintage Sales!!!

Hi everyone, my name is Jennifer. I am a fashion lover and stylist with a love for vintage clothing and i have decided to share my love for it with everyone.

 As a stylist, making vintage clothing look modern can be a challenge, this is why i started this blog not only to sell vintage clothing, but to teach people how to turn vintage pieces into mordern ensembles. I  hope you like the pieces.
Welcome to my BLOGSTORE!!!
Red floral top- 3,500 ( sold)
Vintage denim shorts- 4,500 (sold)
Black velvet purse-3,000 (sold)

Gold vintage top- 3,500 (size 8)

                                             Black vintage dress- 4,000 (sold)
Medium-large (can be adjusted to a small size)

Two in one Ivory vintage dress- 4,500 (size 8-10) SOLD

                                             Balck and white pattern dress- 4,500 (sold)
                                   The perfect LBD (little black dress)- 4,000 (sold)

                                               Blue and white vintage shirt- 3,500 (size 8-10) SOLD
       Blue peplum vintage shorts- 4,000 (sold)

Black and white chiffon crop top- 3,000 (size 8 can also be worn by a 6)
                         Lemon green body con skirt- 3,000 (sold)
                                           Polka dot top- 3,500 (Medium to small) SOLD
                    Vintage wide leg shorts- 4,000 (sold)

 Vintage LBS (little black skirt with shorts under)- 3,500 (sold)
 Gold vintage top- 4,000 (sold)
Vintage denim shorts- 3,500 (sold)

                                  White sequin vest- 3,500 (soldl)
                                  Vintage midi pleated skirt- 4,000 ( Size 8 -10)

                                             Neon pink chiffon top- 3,000 (size 6-8) SOLD
                                             Black vintage pleated skirt- 3,500 (sold)
                                                     Vintage polka dot top- 3,500 (size 6 & 8) SOLD
                                                      Vintage denim shorts- 4,000 (sold)
Vintage denim shorts with lace trimming- 3500 (size 6)
Vintage blouse- 3,500 (sold)
Midi pleated skirt- 4,000 (sold)
White vintage purse- 3,000

Black velvet maxi skirt- 4,500 (size 8) SOLD

Maroon velvet purse- 2,500  (sold)    
Pastel vinage blouse- 3,000 (one size fits all) SOLD
Royalblue skirt- 3,500 (size 8) SOLD

Please e-mail to place your orders