Sunday, 30 June 2013


Hi people

I'll like to say thank you to everyone who e-mailed me during my MIA period, a lot has happened and i don't want to bore anyone with long stories. I took time out to start my career in banking because i couldn't do both at the time. The good news is that we are back with pieces that would make you stand out of the crowd. In addition i'll also be offering free consulting services to customers who want to buy pieces but don't know how to where them, as i understand that it can be a bit difficult to make vintage pieces look modern. Please feel free to contact me and i'll tell you the best way to wear the piece you purchased. As usual send a mail to to place your order. Happy shopping people!!!

                                                    Monochrome vintage blouse- N9,000 (Medium)

                                                 Pastel chiffon vintage dress- N10,000 (Medium- Large)

                                                   Monochrome vintage blazer- N10,000 (Medium) (sold)

                                         Short red sequin vintage dress- N8,000 (Medium)

                                                    White beaded vintage purse- N10,000

                                 Orange vintage blazer- N6,000 (Medium) (work perfect)

Leather blue vintage trousers- N6,000 (small)

                                                   Multicolored vintage blazer- N6,000 (large)

                                    Burnt orange tweed trousers- N5,000 (small/petite)

                                                         Black vintage purse- N4,000

                                      Navy blue high waist trousers- N5,000 (small)

                             Yellow pencil skirt with a side vent- N4,500 (small-medium) (sold)

                                             Black vintage lace and chiffon dress- N6,000 (small)
                                 Blue backless velvet and chiffon dress- N9,000 (medium ) (sold)

                             Black dress with lace sleeves- N6,000 (medium) (sold)

                                      Gold and black sequin top - N12,000 (medium-large) (sold)

                                Polka dot peplum vintage dress- N11,000 (small) (sold)

                                                 Lace vintage black top- N4,000 (medium) (sold)

                                                   Ivory vintage hat- N10,000 (sold)

                                   Cream and black vintage blouse- N8,000 (medium-large)

Black vintage dress- N6,000 (work perfect especially for cold offices) (large)

                                        Blue vintage dress- N6,000 (medium) (sold)

                                    Ivory vintage sequin blazer- N6,000 (large)

                                                   Red silk vintage blouse- N8,000 (Large)

                           Black vintage top with polka dot sheer sleeves- N6,000 (medium-large)

                                      Lace top/jacket with pearl buttons- N7,000 (medium-large)

                                           Red and white playsuit - N12,000 (medium) (sold)
                                                   Black turban - N5,000 (one size fits all)
                                                    White turban- N5,000 (one size fits all)

                                                        Denim vintage playsuit- N12,000 (large)

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Young, Wild and Fashionable.....

Hi guys,

Sorry i haven't put up anything in a while, i've been so busy the good news is that i'm back and ready to ride to the vintage world, please pardon me for trying to sound cool. I have a story to tell, this shoot was so dramatic, i got tired of photographers and their issues and i decided to take matters into my own hands, so i borrowed my friend's camera and i decided to take the pictures *phew. It was such a tasking thing to do since i was the stylist, make up artist, hair dresser, and photographer, what a talented young lady #looool. In d middle of taking the pictures the battery of the camera died and i didn't have the charger, guess what i did? i took d remaining pictures with my phone (blackberry), its high time i got my money back 4 investing heavily in blackberry phones. Long and short of the story i managed to pull it together and finish the shoot. Here is the exciting part, the first three people to distinguish between the pictures taken with the camera and the pictures taken with the phone would win something from jays vintage, here is a clue 5 pictures were taken with my phone, the rest were taken with a camera. Please send a mail to to place your orders.

I'll also like to use this medium to say thank you to my gorgeous sister who is my model and has helped me immensely from the start of Jays vintage, God bless you. As i was about to post, i just got the news that my brother's wife just gave birth to a set of twins, thank you Jesus. Can today get any better? Ok people, let's go shopping wohoooooooo!!!!!!!

Grey button down top- N3,500 (Small-medium)

Lime green button down top- 3,500 (small)

Just showing off my gorgeous sister 

Black and White top/ blazer- 4,000 (small-medium)
Pink blouse- 3,500 (small-medium)
Stripe trousers- 4,500 (small)

Black dress- 5,000 (small)
Multicolored vintage top- 4,000 (small)
Pencil skirt- 4,500 (small)

Polka dot top- 4,000 (small-medium)
Print skirt- 3,500 (small)

Print wrap skirt- 3,500 (small)

Leopard print top- 3,000 (small-medium)

                                         Print wrap skirt- 4,000 (small)

Print shorts-2,500 (small-large)
Print shorts- 2,500 (small- large)

White vintage dress- 3,000 (small-large)
White vintage blouse- 2,500 (small- medium)

Pink button down top/ blazer- 3,000 (small- medium)

                                            Vintage dress- 3,000 (small-medium)

With love from the vintage world,


Monday, 26 March 2012

A Letter To Brides!!!

Hi everyone,

As you all know apart from being a vintage retailer i also have a passion for styling, and this is something i have been thinking about for a while, i can't wait to see people's comments. Enjoy!

Dear Brides to be,

A woman's wedding day is the most important day in any woman's life, not just because she gets to marry the love of her life, but also because she gets to look like a princess and be the center of attention for a WHOLE day. This is where the wedding dress comes in, if its done wrong, everything else can go wrong, this is why  the wedding dress is the most IMPORTANT thing a bride should be concerned with.

People would smile at you and tell you how beautiful you look, guess what is going on in their minds how awful does she look? In order not to be a victim of such people everything has to be right here are some steps to take while choosing the perfect wedding dress.

1. Go to a bridal store with your stylist and friends and try all the dresses you can find, the essence of this exercise is to find out what type of dress fits your body the most.

2. Choose a colour than compliments your skin tone, all brides DON'T have to wear white, you can can go for a softer choice like ivory.

3. Choose a dress that would work with a wide range of hairstyles.

4. Choose a dress that would be so fabulous you would barely need to accessorize, over accessorizing can be a problem when brides are trying to make a plain dress look good.

5. I love hair pieces but, its not so necessary, not every dress needs a hair piece.

6. If your wearing an open dress choose a bolero (not sure of the spelling) that would fit your dress so well it would look like its part of the dress.

7. This step has nothing to do with the wedding dress but the bridesmaids dress, give your bridesmaids something to look forward to at your wedding by picking out a fabulous dress for them, in other words pick out a dress that would be so fabulous it would make people that are not on your train jealous *wink.

The bridesmaids dress is so important because it reflects the bride's personal style and it also shows your bridesmaids you care about them.

8. There is nothing wrong with wearing the same color of dress with your chief bridesmaid, i think its cute take a cue from Kate and Pippa.

9. Its ok to wear red lips on your wedding day, just make sure it compliments the dress and the hair.

10. Its ok to change to change into something more comfortable for your wedding party or reception, and it doesn't have to be white or ivory you can play with colours or even where black.

11. If you think you don't have the time to pay attention to all these details, or your not so into fashion but you want to look fab on your wedding day, hire a STYLIST.

This is where i come in i am extending my styling services to all the beautiful brides to be out there, if your having difficulties with picking out a dress for your wedding, i would help you make all the right choices you need to make concerning your dress and that of your bridesmaids. Don't rely on family and friends to help you make this decision they would all tell you the dress you have picked out is gorgeous, some of them would even cry in the process #lol. I on the other hand would tell you the truth, which would help you achieve the perfect look for your wedding day. Send me a mail ( and together we would make you the envy of all girls.

Here are some wedding dresses for different body types.

I love the victorian but sexy look this dress gives, this dress is for the woman who wants to show off her curves.

This is for all the Cinderella's out there, i think this dress is perfect for a tall and lean bride

This dress is a bit cinderellaish and would work a short/ average bride in terms of height

I think this dress is effortlessly sexy and would work for all body types

This gorgeous one arm dress is suitable for all body types especially for small brides 

 This dress is for the over the top bride and is suitable for a tall bride.

This aqua by aqua dress is a fab choice for bridesmaids sorry i couldn't save the picture of the front view.