Wednesday, 21 March 2012

All things beautiful and affordable!!!

Hello beautiful people, i'm here again to fill your wardrobes with all the beautiful vintage pieces i could acquire. please send a mail to to place your orders. Let the SHOPPING begin wohoooooo!!!!

Lace mesh dress- 4,000 (sold)

Polka dot and velvet dress- 4,000 (sold)
Brown and gold belt- 2,500 (sold)
Black and white velvet satin dress- 4,500 (sold)

Backless black dress- 4,500(sold)

Back view of backless dress

floral print shorts- 3,500 (sold)


Blue and white print shorts- 3,500 (sold)
Pink chiffon blouse- 3,000 (sold)

Brown blouse- Sold
Floral print shorts- 3,500 (available in small-large)

Print dress- 4,500 (sold)
blue velvet purse- 3,000

Embelished black crop top- 3,000 (available in small)

Red blazer- 4,500 (sold)

Black wrap dress- 4,500 (sold)

Blue body con skirt- 3,500 (available in size 8) (sold)
Next velvet slippers- 4,000 (size 37.5/38)

Purple print pencil skirt- 3,500 (sold)

Polka dot blue dress- 4,000 (sold)
 White vintage beaded  purse- 3,500 (sold)

Blue pleated dress- 4,000 (sold)

Ivory vintage blouse- 4,000 (available in small-medium)
Next velvet slippers- 4,000 (size 37.5/ 38)

floral jumpsuit- 3,500 (available in small- large)
vintage white belt-2,500

Gold pencil dress- 5,000 (sold)

Pink button down vest- 4,000 (sold)
Polka dot trousers- 4,500 (sold)

Beige chiffon blouse - 4,000 (sold)

 Lumberjack full skirt- 5,000 (sold)

Floral print full skirt- 4,500 (sold)

Pinestripe boyfriend blazer- 4,000 (sold)

Houndstooth pumps- 3,500 (size 39)

Back  view of beige chiffon top

Blue floral dress- 4,500 (sold)

Black and silver dress- 4,000 (sold)

Black and gold vintage belt- 3,000 (sold)

Black and gold vintage belt- 2,500

Blue and white pencil dress- 4,000 (sold)

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